Jasmine Morgan

BS Health Information Management

"The first day of classes was nerve wracking, but my student advisor was very encouraging."

Starting out in the culinary field, you learn pretty quickly to adapt to your surroundings. It's pretty much sink or swim, but six years of minimum wage, no health insurance, ridiculously long hours and not seeing my family for days (even though we lived in the same house), I knew it was time for a change of pace. Desperate to get out of the culinary field, by any means necessary, I took the first job I could get in the medical field. Training to be a rehabilitation aide was simple, and being a fast visual learner put things in my favor. I started to fall in love with the notion of a job in the medical field, but I couldn't see myself going at the same punishing and brutal pace as the nurses or the therapists.

Not long after I started, I was sitting in the nurse's station waiting on information for a new patient. A doctor comes in, sits down at a computer, and with a few key strokes he brings up a chest x-ray on the computer screen. While still awestruck by how easily he got that x-ray, the doctor takes out his smartphone, and with just a tap the exact same x-ray is on his phone. I went home that night still thinking about the x-ray and wondered if I could have a job that I truly enjoyed while working with cool technology like that.

A few weeks of researching different types of jobs and one television commercial later, I was on the phone with Catherine Silk going over my admission requirements. She was super helpful and walked me through it step-by-step. The first day of my online classes was nerve wracking, but both my student advisor, Jennifer Walker, and my instructors, Mark Hinueber and Dr. Kenya Willis, were patient, polite and very encouraging. The rest is Southern New Hampshire University history.