Jason Tognarina

"My coursework at SNHU has given me the guidance and expertise to accomplish my goals."

I received my undergrad degree from SNHU by going to night classes on campus when my wife and I were living in Manchester. We moved to Charlotte, and I finished my degree online. We had two more children while in Charlotte, and I quickly realized that I needed to go back to school to get my MBA. I worked 50+ hours per week, was an active father, coaching and homeschooling our children, and going to school for my MBA. This has been one of the busiest times of my life. I often wonder what nights after work will be like when school is completed later this year.

I was able to combine my previous restaurant experience with my MBA, and make myself more attractive to a group of restaurant owners who needed a managing partner to run and operate their businesses. The group I work for acknowledged they were not operators, and needed someone with business acumen and experience to grow their business. My current position as the managing partner for Flatiron Kitchen + Taphouse (a fine dining restaurant in Davidson, NC) is one of the most rewarding positions I have ever had. I am able to utilize practically all the courses I have taken along my journey at SNHU.

Through my sport management degree, I have been able to open a sports ministry at my local church, where we have started our second year of play. We currently have baseball, basketball, flag football and soccer programs for ages 4-10. My coursework at SNHU has given me the guidance and expertise to accomplish my goals.