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Jaymi Benson

BA Psychology - Forensic Psychology, Class of 2014

"Without SNHU, I wouldn’t have been able to follow my dreams, and find a field that I am truly passionate about!"

When I started my college career, I had no idea where the next three years would take me. I completed a year at another university, and in the midst, I fell in love with my husband Jonathan, who also happened to be a United States Marine. After just five months of dating, we married, and I moved back to San Diego to be with him. Though I couldn’t be happier, it left me with a dilemma about what to do as far as my education went. Since I was a little girl, I always had dreamt of finishing college, and I knew that I would let nothing stop me.

For a year I attended a community college, as I researched every single online school there was. I continuously came back to SNHU, and after I realized they offered a concentration in forensic psychology, I was sold. When I started at SNHU, I was instantly greeted by my advisors, who never hesitated to call and check up on me, to congratulate me on making the dean’s list, or to drop everything they were doing if I needed an answer to a question.

Along with the advisors, the professors have been so extremely forthcoming and helpful with everything I needed, even if I felt like it was a silly question. My favorite example that I like to rave about is the fact that I actually got a phone call from one of my professors who just wanted to double check a source instead of just knocking a grade down like many other professors would!

I have been so blessed to be able to finish my bachelor’s degree in psychology at SNHU. I had a fear that I wasn’t going to be able to walk at graduation, because I had an extra class remaining to take, even though I would still be done with my degree by the end of the year. I expressed my concerns to my advisor, and she went above and beyond to help me petition to graduate, even with my extenuating circumstances. I wanted to walk so that I could share that moment with my husband, even though it would be via Skype, before he deploys, and thanks to the graciousness of the staff, I will be able to!

Without SNHU, I wouldn’t have been able to follow my dreams, and find a field that I am truly passionate about, and I know that I would not be as happy about where my future is headed! Thanks, SNHU!