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Jennifer Allen

"Graduating from SNHU is something I am going to be tremendously proud of."

Education has always been important to me, but maybe not my top priority. In middle school and high school, I was homeschooled to allow for my competitive figure skating schedule. There would be times that I needed to skate in the middle of the day, and my school schedule had to be tailored around the needs of my skating. After high school, I thought about college, but I felt as though I found my calling working as a veterinary technician and groomer. Working with animals is my passion. I love being able to comfort them and make them feel better. One day, after working a long shift I started thinking about starting my own pet care business. I did a lot of research and number crunching and decided that being a small business owner was the right step for me. In January 2012, I officially started my business.

I’ve always wanted to further my education for my personal satisfaction. I felt very nervous starting back to school at age 26. It had been a while since I had been in school, and I know technology had changed tremendously in that time. I enrolled in a local community college and attended for one year. I felt very lost while attending and that I was navigating my own educational course with no real direction. After my year there, I decided to take a year break because I wasn’t gaining the personal satisfaction that was my entire drive behind going initially.

I had seen SNHU commercials on television and thought it sounded like a good school, but there are many schools that don’t stand behind their diplomas. I decided to research SNHU, and I was incredibly surprised to learn about their long educational history and online learning courses. My enrollment specialist helped me to pick my course of study in business administration. This will help my small business grow in so many ways, and I’m always very excited to see what I’m going to learn in the weeks ahead. SNHU is a perfect fit for me because of their flexibility, curriculum, and their eagerness to help every step of the way. Graduating from SNHU is something I am going to be tremendously proud of. I am not just going to college — I am going to Southern New Hampshire University!