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Jenny Good

BA Psychology

"I have found the SNHU experience to be very positive."

I started my degree in 1992 and left college before graduating. Like many people, I guess I thought I would get to it later. "Later" turned into years. When I was 35 years old, I lost my oldest son. His name is Zarse. Zarse wanted to play baseball for Texas Longhorns and eventually in "the big show" as a pro player. He did not speak in terms of "if" he made it to the majors. He spoke about "when" he made it to the majors. My son taught me many things, but one of the lessons I learned from him was to embrace your passions 100%—to live with all your heart. I am a life coach, specializing in helping people leave jobs they don't love and carve out careers and lives that align with their passions and core values. I believe that earning my psychology degree from SNHU is a solid step in helping me better understand and serve my clients. I have found the SNHU experience to be very positive, and if you are thinking about going for that dream, but you're just not sure, I highly recommend living with all your heart and going for it.