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Jeremy LaRochelle


"I wanted that online experience, but I still wanted to feel connected to my university."

In Las Vegas, Nev., the entertainment industry is highly competitive. Jeremy LaRochelle, an MBA student with a marketing focus, uses his education to help him get ahead. Jeremy works with an entertainment agency, sourcing talent for casinos and cruise lines, in addition to marketing the company and the acts they book. He uses the knowledge from his MBA classes everyday at work. These new skills come primarily from faculty. “All the instructors are in the field I’m studying,” Jeremy told us while discussing his current class, IT-500. “My professor has an MBA and worked for IBM.”

Jeremy chose SNHU to pursue his graduate degree because of the community feeling. “For me, I wanted that online experience, but I still wanted to feel connected to my university. The faculty and the advisors and everyone you interact with at SNHU–they make you feel like you’re part of a family,” Jeremy said.

Part of that family is Jeremy’s advisor, April Griffin. Jeremy said that April is always there for him when he has questions and can’t thank her enough for her hard work, which is helping him achieve his definition of success. While registering for next term, “she was able to say ‘Hey, I just took the second class you’re looking at, and I don’t think these two classes will go well together.’”

With this support, Jeremy will achieve his definition of success. “Success is about feeling good about yourself,” he said. “I’m doing it for me.” He did tell us his parents are very proud, and his mom and sister who both have degrees from SNHU couldn’t be more supportive of his dreams.