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Jeremy Myers

BA Psychology - Mental Health, Class of 2018

"My academic advisor and SNHU teachers have shown that SNHU online wasn't a regret, but it was a positive move into my future."

I started my journey to better myself almost eight years ago. Weeks before my father’s passing, I remember him telling me, “I’m sorry I can’t come back to Oklahoma, but make sure you take care of my girls.” My father’s reference was to my oldest of two beautiful daughters and my incredible wife. Both of them had become very close to my father, and I believe he knew there wasn’t much time left for him; all he wanted was a promise. Ever since he passed on my birthday, I’ve had those words etched into my own soul, ever bearing down, daring me to do better. As I had before, I worked harder and longer to succeed and make sure my family was well taken care of. Meaning that things like family, health and relationships were slowly put on the back burner. I didn’t realize that I was slowly working myself to death.

Since 1998, I worked for a fast-food chain and made a good living at it. Making almost forty thousand dollars a year, without any formal education was something I was proud of. Then came my youngest daughter and my world was set upside down in a good way. By this time, I had opened a bath and body store as well as working sixty-plus hours a week. I was over-stretching myself and finally came to realize I needed a change. The words of my father came through clearer than ever before.

I met a lot of interesting people while I owned my bath and body shop that dealt with all things natural. Organic farmers of all natural products, herbalists, spiritualists and many other wonderful people opened my eyes. One of my youngest passions as a child, medicinal plants, was slowly bubbling to the top. I finally made the decision after selling my business to become an herbalist, to help people seek a better well-being through natural means.

After being stressed out, overworked and mentally exhausted, I finally finished school to earn a family herbalist as well as a master herbalist certificate several years later. At that same time, my wife finished school to become an LPN, which opened up a new opportunity for my family. My wife gave me the okay, and I made a leap of faith into the unknown. I walked away from a job of almost fourteen years, of job security, and an opportunity to grow in my career with the fast food chain.

For two years, I consulted and taught about medicinal herbs and helped run a privately owned business. Still, I once again felt I wasn’t doing all I could to better myself. Deep inside I felt that I was doing something I loved, but wasn’t fulfilling my potential of “taking care of my girls.” I had an epiphany that everything I’ve done has led to me doing something I gave up years before.

I made a choice when I met my wife, and it was giving up going to college. Some people may think that this decision was ill thought, but I know it wasn’t. I knew the first night, at first sight, that a connection was made, that a severed tie was once connected again into something many wish they could have. Deep in my soul, I knew that night I met my soulmate.

Everything that I have to this point, worth working so hard and going through so much for, has made me a better person, father and husband. All that life threw at me had been honing my skills to this very point, and life was waking me up to the reality of change. I have been helping people all this time with their problems, whether emotionally, intellectually or naturally. I wanted to make a change in someone’s world and started to seek out programs that would help me become a therapist or even, one day, a psychologist.

On a December morning, I started searching for an online school that wasn't a joke, scam or diploma mill. It took a while comparing schools, reviews and websites, but Southern New Hampshire University came to the top in my mind. I personally thought it was going to be a long process, and several times I just didn’t answer the phone when SNHU called due to my inability to believe in myself. Then out of a moment of pure emotional motivation, I picked up the phone and called SNHU. Zach, my admission advisor, quickly began my enrollment. He was polite, thorough in answering all my questions and was very interested in making sure I understood the entrance process. I was blown away by how personal the process was. It made me feel that I was doing the right thing.

There have been many things vital to my success at SNHU, and Sarah, my academic advisor, was definitely at the top of those. Sarah has been with me at every turning point in my experience here. When I’ve had a question (and I’ve had a lot of them), she was there to answer them and keep me motivated. Sarah has kept a wonderful line of communication by email, phone and virtual means. Without her presence in making me feel welcome and supported, it would have been a more difficult process in succeeding toward my academic goals. Every little bit of information, motivation and concern given by SNHU has shown commitment to my success. SNHU’s teachers also have been very professional and responsive to any of my needs, questions and concerns. The virtual classroom experience is wonderfully interactive, and I’m always in touch with teachers and fellow students when I need to be.

My academic advisor, Sarah, and SNHU teachers have shown that SNHU online wasn't a regret, but it was a positive move into my future. And everything about SNHU online is geared toward success of the student and their learning. From the tutoring services, online library and SNHU services, one can’t go wrong in succeeding to their full potential at SNHU. SNHU online is a school that I would recommend for anyone looking for a quality education, and for those who need a more flexible school due to a busy schedule.