Jessica Knox

BS Business Admin. - Accounting

"Everything with the SNHU online program runs smoothly. The people are wonderfully supportive."

I started my college career as a theater major in a typical brick-and-mortar college. I had a horrible car crash that set me back a bit, but I went back to school and continued. I ended up withdrawing in the middle of my junior year, though, to take care of my ill grandmother. I didn't go back to school right away. I went and worked as an equine therapy and rehab trainer -  a very rewarding time in my life - and I got a second job working at A. G. Edwards as a receptionist.

I started thinking about going back to school. It had always bothered me that I never finished, but I was too busy with horses and an office job. Then one day I met Will Knox; that was one of the best days of my life. He was smart, had two Ph.D.’s, and swept me off my feet. We got married and decided to invest in and run our own self-sufficiency farm. We moved to West Virginia, and had our first child,  Sev, in March of 2008. Then we welcomed our daughter, Ginny, in March of 2009. Life was full of farming and babies, and I had no time to think about school. Still, the desire to go back was always there. It just never seemed the right time.

One day, on a complete whim, I looked at online education and registered immediately, with very little thought of details. I didn't care; I was back in school, and determined to get a degree. My first experience with online education was good. I was on the honor roll and doing well. I just thought it was too easy and low key, and I wasn't doing what I wanted. I transferred to another school, but it wasn’t a good experience.

Finally, I found SNHU, and it was like coming home. Everything about the SNHU online program runs smoothly. The people are wonderfully supportive, caring and kind. This is a challenging program, but it is not impossible, and it is not too easy. I am working hard, the right way, and honestly earning my degree. The classes are structured well, with the student in mind. There is not a better online option available. I love SNHU, and I proudly wear my SNHU hoodie wherever I go.