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Jill Davies

BA Psychology - Child & Adolescent Development, Class of 2015

"The professors are helpful and very informative."

I began at SNHU feeling driven to complete my degree. I have three children, and completing my degree will be the start of a new beginning for us. I hope to find a job in a field that I love and provide for my children's futures. My time at SNHU has been such a great experience. I have worked with professors and academic advisors that are as dedicated to my success as I am. The professors are helpful and very informative. I believe the key to being a successful student is hard work and believing in yourself. Professors and advisors are always available to help you when you need them. If you can dream it, you can make anything happen. I am living proof that perseverance will make your dreams a reality. I'm glad that the faculty at SNHU believes in my dreams, too.