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John Wescott

BA Elementary Education, Class of 2015

"Right from your first semester, they have you out in the field."

Admitted as a business major early in his senior year of high school, Wescott realized that he had erred in his choice of major during a subsequent "Penmen for a Day" campus visit.

"I sat in on an accounting class and I thought, 'Oh my gosh, I can't do this for four years. I would go crazy,'" he says.

Wescott raised his concerns with his admission counselor, who helped him conceive an alternative plan. "I came back for another 'Penmen for a Day' and sat in on an introduction to education class, and I really loved the topics they were discussing," he says.

As an education major, Wescott worked in two local elementary schools, an experience that yielded further self-discovery. "I wrote lesson plans, taught the class and worked with students who have special needs, which really gave me a sense of what teaching is all about," he says. "And that's really how I figured out that it is something that I think that I would get burnt out doing."

Through further conversations with his academic advisor, Wescott explored alternative career paths and found a more appealing fit. A Student Government Association officer, resident assistant and student representative on the SNHU President's Commission for LGBTQ Advocacy, he aspires to parlay his interests in education and campus activities into a career in university student affairs.

"It's not necessarily teaching in a classroom, but working with students in a different way," he says.