Julian Riano

MBA Information Technology Management, Class of 2014

"I wanted to fulfill my own expectations of learning and prove to myself that it is possible to be successful."

My success story is defined simply by three words: endless immeasurable sacrifices. Personally, I believe when one is able to understand the long-term meaning of sacrifices, one will experience an augmented way of thinking. In my case, back when I started college in 2001 at a local community college, I knew things were going to be tough since I was living alone. I had to pay for school and everything that came with it such as books, transportation, food, among other expenses, so I said to myself, “You have to be able to give your maximum effort and expect for the best to happen.”

I sometimes found myself needing help and professors were willing to provide me with much desired tutoring. In the meantime, I had to work two jobs and cope with highly demanding college work. I graduated in 2004 from my associate degree in computer information systems technology being part of Phi Theta Kappa honors society. The same year, I decided to begin my bachelor’s degree in business administration, which I finished four years later at a state university with a 3.6 GPA being awarded the cum laude distinction, which helped prove to myself that hard work pays off.

I just recently met with a friend that came to visit me during my undergraduate degree and still remembers how I used to sleep very few hours. He is amazed how I survived the nonstop work-study lifestyle. A few years later in 2011, I decided I needed to go back to school to refresh my knowledge base and improve my research skills, thus, I decided to enroll in the MBA in IT Management program at Southern New Hampshire University, where its staff provided me with excellent, pertinent information regarding my particular needs and wants. Today, in my second to last class, I could say it has been a long journey of many sacrifices that have allowed me to see much improvement at my work place, my knowledge base and my overall skills as a professional and a human being.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Professors Moira McGlynn for her dedication and in-depth knowledge transmitted to me through her constructive criticism, Professor Andrew Potter for his long work and educational experience, as well as meaningful research evidenced in every comment given throughout all the research papers I submitted, and finally to Professor Michael Davis for his great deliverance of work experiences and for his comprehensive comments and passion for his Corporate Social Responsibility class. I feel highly honored by SNHU for providing me with this opportunity to tell other students that success is a matter of wanting more than the rest around you. I was not satisfied with being an average student. I wanted to fulfill my own expectations of learning and prove to myself that it is possible to be successful. You have to find those moments that motivate you and keep them always present so that you do not falter when the big challenges come your way. So, what is it going to motivate you to be greater than what you already are? What sacrifices are you willing to take to be successful?