Julie Stephens

BA English Language & Literature, Class of 2016

"SNHU has done an excellent job of hiring a caring staff."

I'm going to be frank. I think frankness helps everyone better than eloquence. I live in a RV with two small babies and my wonderful husband. My children are a year apart. They are one and two years old. I'm 35. I've started late on some things. The reason we live in an RV is because I woke up one morning and prayed for direction about how to save money to be a homeowner versus a tenant. I’m in real estate, so I know the value of owning. God reminded me about our friend's RV. It was just sitting there. So, now we live very cheaply while we save money. To my shock, I love living in an RV. Working over 40 hours a week and going to school full-time, who needs a house to clean?

SNHU is like this. I prayed for direction. I really needed a reputable online school to help me earn my English BA. SNHU was my answer. There are not many online schools that offer an English four-year degree programs (not to mention a literature degree or a creative writing degree). I love that I can continue with the MA program, online, too. The teachers impress me. Some I have become friends with, and we’ve kept in touch after the term. All have been knowledgeable. All have cared that I really understood and correctly applied the course concepts. All have understood my tight schedule. Many communicate with me more than once a day if that’s what I need to get past a challenge with timeframes or course materials.

SNHU has done an excellent job of hiring a caring staff. Talk about caring; my student advisor seems to never tire! I ask a lot of questions. I always check and triple-check that I’m on the right track, taking the best course, getting the most for my time and money. He always responds quickly. Best of all, before he responds, he has already researched the answer to my questions. He encourages me to keep pressing for the prize. I just want to thank SNHU for helping a tired, older, full-time mother, worker and student.

Each week of the eight-week term builds on the last to give a polished, final assignment, in which I demonstrate I have understood the extensive material, all covered in a short period of time. SNHU makes it possible for me to achieve high goals quickly. The encouraging people of SNHU make me want to apply to teach online when I finish my MA, which I plan to do at SNHU, of course.

By the way, I am the lady on the left. Recently, my partner and our team received one of the top awards available for our services.