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Justin Cohee

BA Sociology, Class of 2017

"I quickly found out that there is nothing to fear with school when it comes to SNHU."

I am a husband to a wonderful wife, and a father to a beautiful eight-month-old daughter. I am 30 years old, and had not been in college for over 10 years. I had completed around 40 credits, and then was forced to drop out for medical reasons. I have been working in manual labor for most of my life, and knew that I would not want to do that for the rest of it. When my daughter was born, I knew in my heart that I needed to make a change, so that I could be in good health when she was older, and not a run-down construction worker. I made the decision to go back to school, with my wife, and pulled the trigger in January 2014.

The initial call to SNHU was really the selling factor for me. That admission counselor solidified my decision to attend. She was on the phone with me for well over an hour just talking to me as a person, not as a number. When I started classes in the January term I was very nervous, since I had not been in school for so long. I quickly found out that there is nothing to fear with school when it comes to SNHU. My academic advisor, James Luby, has been crucial to my success so far. He’s called me on a regular basis to check in, and sent me emails to remind me of important due dates. In that first term I was able to achieve a 99% in both of the classes I took, which were SOC 112 and Human Relations in Admin.

Ultimately the true key to my success is my wife. She allows me to take the time that I need to complete my schoolwork. I will disappear to my office for several hours, and I never hear her complain. She is constantly supporting me through this endeavor. I am a double major in Sociology and Criminal Justice, and should have both degrees in about three years. I know I would not be able to achieve that at a traditional college, and I owe that all to SNHU. Thank you for all you do for us students.