Keith Johnson

BS Business Admin. - Human Resources Mgmt.

"The support I've gotten has been absolutely outstanding."

Sgt. First Class Keith Johnson, a full-time U.S. Army Reserves soldier, had completed deployments to Bosnia, Gitmo, Iraq, and New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina when he began classes in the online human resources management program.

He hadn't been in school for 13 years.

''The most difficult part was probably nerves, apprehension; like when you’re asking a girl out on a date,'' Keith says. ''When I finally got on board, I felt a little overwhelmed personally, not by the class.''

Welcoming professors and a diverse group of classmates quickly put him at ease.

''I felt engaged in the classes, and I felt that I was bringing something to the table,'' Keith says.

Eight-week courses were comprehensive and intense. But they also boosted the soldier’s confidence, revealing how much he had matured since his first shot at college following high school graduation.

''This time around, I had a little salt in my hair, and I knew what was important,'' he says.

Keith, who plans to pursue a master’s degree, says he used his military background to chart his academic course.

''I think I kind of grew into it,'' he says of his interest in human resources management, which stems from his current job counseling soldiers.

At SNHU, Keith says, he receives support and direction from a military academic advisor who speaks his language, and understands where he is coming from.

''That’s been absolutely huge,'' he says. ''They know what the challenges are, and the support I've gotten has been absolutely outstanding.''