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Kellie Sues

BA Psychology - Social Psychology, Class of 2018

"I am proud to be a student with SNHU, and I plan to spend many years expanding my knowledge with this school."

How did I arrive at SNHU? I began my journey as a receptionist at a veterinary emergency clinic. Always feeling that I wanted something more out of life, I started looking into different fields of study that would satisfy my hunger for growth. I attended yoga and reiki school, with the idea that I would heal people through finding themselves. After I obtained both certifications and began utilizing my newfound skills – on friends, family, I realized that there was still a hunger to be more.

I signed up at my community college to study human services. I felt that social work could be the right opportunity to help people. I was unsatisfied with the education I was receiving at my community college, though, and transferred to a university to continue my studies. After taking many classes in psychology and sociology, I realized there is a bigger issue with human nature and healing; perspective and self-fulfillment were areas that I could not guide people through in a social work role. I wanted to be able to work with people one-on-one to help them help themselves. I decided I wanted to become a psychologist and counselor.

The school I was attending did not offer a degree in psychology, so I looked for a school that could fit my criteria and offered the degree I wanted. I found SNHU through my research. I was so pleased to find that it was a nonprofit school that offered online courses. Through my journey of finding what degree I am passionate about, I have also found my niche at work. I have moved into a management role where I am able to play an active role in hiring, guiding, training, evaluating and motivating staff through the work I do. I will continue to use the education I receive through SNHU to help me build my current career, as well as develop my long-term goals. I am proud to be a student with SNHU, and I plan to spend many years expanding my knowledge with this school.