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Kelsey Aleem

BA Creative Writing & English

"Thank you, SNHU for building a school around the idea of individual success."

I grew up in Dallas, TX. My siblings and I were always celebrated for our individual personalities and gifts, and I really appreciate my parents of that. After I graduated high school, I took the typical route all my friends were taking and went to a four-year university to study speech pathology. After one year, I could already tell that my college path might look a little different from everyone else. I moved closer to home, attended another big university for two years and kind of rediscovered my passion for writing while I was there. However, the school still didn't really fit my personality and the way I learned. So, I made the tough and unpopular decision to take a brief hiatus from school and just work. I worked at an anthropology museum for three years before finding SNHU. My work situation was slowly taking a turn for the worst and wasn't allowing me to be the person I saw myself becoming.

Finding SNHU was really the best thing that has happened to me since I started my college journey. For once, I felt like I was going to school for me and no one else. There was a program that fit exactly what I wanted my life to look like when I graduated, so I ran with it. My advisor, Katie, has been the best cheerleader I could ask for! When I stumbled on some classes due to problems at work, she was only supportive and encouraging. SNHU is a school I'm proud to be a part of because they genuinely care about my success — not only while I'm attending SNHU, but they are preparing me to be successful long after I graduate. Thank you, SNHU for building a school around the idea of individual success. I finally feel like I'm back on the path to becoming the writer I've always wanted to be.