Khaldoon Saboubeh

MBA, Class of 2015

"With support from my family and SNHU advisors, I managed to resume my studies."

When I first attended the SNHU MBA program, at their off-site campus in Dubai back in 2002, I could not adjust to the self-management necessary for a successful and strong start in the program. What I lacked most was time management. So it wasn’t great in the beginning, especially attending night classes after a long day at the office, which required the most effort. Later, I realized it’s not going to be easy, running the derivatives and commodities business for one of the leading banks at their treasury & investments group, and pursuing an MBA program. To make things even more challenging, I got promoted, which was good news, but that came with more responsibilities and required more time at the office, along with traveling and relocation to another city. At that point, four courses deep into my MBA program, I decided to take a break from my studies to focus more on my work.

The short period of time turned into years, before I decided to resume my studies again in 2012. I contacted SNHU to find out how I could enroll again in the program. Before I knew it, I got all the information I needed to do so, and was back at my MBA program.  It had seemed like my academic career was going to be over, with no hope in sight. However, with will and determination, and support from my family and SNHU advisors, I managed to come back again and resume my studies.

Over the course of my first couple of semesters, my grades took such a dramatic change that I was even more encouraged and motivated to proceed, gaining confidence in my capabilities and myself. I felt truly privileged, proud and great about my outstanding performance in my last semester. The major turning point in my academic career was the pressure from growing peer competition, new talents in the market, and most importantly, the positive response I got back from SNHU, accepting me to be re-enrolled into their MBA program.

I wasn’t sure if I could do my studies online. But after some time, I started enjoying them, and gradually became more confident in dealing with the assigned tasks, interacting with my teachers and colleagues and achieving good results overall. Before too long, I realized that I have this opportunity to distinguish myself as a professional, in a very competitive and demanding environment, and I have all the support from my family and my people around me. It’s my responsibility to seize this opportunity and try to make the best of it.

My advice is: always try to reach out for assistance from your professors and colleagues, who in my case were very useful, and helped me a lot in reaching this point. They will try their best to help you, and may give you some invaluable advice. Finally, I know that it might sound like a cliché, but follow your dreams. And be optimistic, even though at times it may seem impossible to imagine.