Kirk Glasgow

"Southern New Hampshire University has given me the tools I need."

Originally from Tortola in the British Virgin Islands, I’ve lived in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex for the last 20 years. I’m blessed to be married to my best friend and soul mate, Nacalley, and to have three wonderful children, Nathaniel, Roberto and Lili. It is my desire to see a world where equality and justice rules, and my goal is to work with others to create that type of world. Southern New Hampshire University has given me the tools I need to help me in this endeavor. For that, I am grateful.

Prioritize. Everyday we have a number of things trying to get our attention—family, friends, school, work and entertainment. So the question to ask is, “What’s most important?” Of course, family and work get top priority, but there are a number of things, such as entertainment, television, outings with friends, etc. that we place before our future. Those, take up much of our time, which leaves us with little time for schoolwork, which in turn causes frustration. Prioritizing will help us to focus on school and on our goals. Sometimes, I have to practice delayed self-gratification. I use my spare time—lunch and Starbucks time—to read and understand concepts that I wasn’t able to understand before. This strategy helps me not only to pass, but it helps me to understand what I’m studying.

Tackle each assignment, one piece at a time. Second, tackle each assignment bit by bit. Looking at the whole assignment instead of its parts causes confusion and sometimes frustration. There is a saying, “The way to eat an elephant is piece by piece.” That is the way we have to approach each task, piece by piece.

Rest is critical to our studies. For most people, like me, lack of sleep causes us to forget a great deal of information. I’ve found out that when I rest, I remember almost everything that I’ve read. I am more relaxed and not tense when I’m completing my assignments. Rest also helps me to handle stress much more easily.