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Kisha Bonner

BA Creative Writing & English, Class of 2015

"After a year in the military, I got right back in school to finish what I started."

Over two decades ago, I took up business and accounting in high school. I ended up having a daughter before I graduated. I joined Co-op and got a great job working as an accounting secretary at the New York City Department of Environmental Protection while I finished school. I put my daughter in daycare, and I graduated on time with my class. I never stopped learning, working hard at my jobs or regularly exercising. I had many amazing opportunities. I worked as a legal secretary for a private law firm and an executive assistant in the fashion industry. I managed to work for many widely known companies, such as Phillip Morris and Johnson Controls, as well as working for DFAS in the civilian world.

My latest accomplishments consist of joining SNHU in 2012 in the creative writing and English program. Though I have had wonderful experiences, I continue to dream. I would like to retire doing something I do effortlessly, which is creative writing. Six months after I joined SNHU, I sent my daughter off to college. A year after I joined SNHU, I enlisted in the Army at the age of 35; I decided to get more discipline out of my life, and help putting myself and daughter through college. I had to take off of school for a year, to go through my basic and job training and have time to get comfortable and set in my new career. I also became a grandmother. After a year in the military, I got right back in school to finish what I started. I expressed to my military academic advisor, Melissa Escobar, that I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to keep my high GPA because my schedule is extensive. Since I have been back, I have managed to keep up my GPA, which I am extremely happy about. If you think your life is too difficult and you have too many struggles to be a great you, get good grades, succeed in school and get a great career, you’re wrong, and “the good news is that the bad news was wrong,” according to Pastor Mahesh.