Kristen Paradise

BS Business Admin. - Organizational Leadership

"My fantastic advisors at SNHU have encouraged me and praised me along the way to be successful."

I graduated in 1983 from Merrimack High School with no motivation to attend college. In high school, I just didn't have the motivation due to struggling grades. With a low SAT test score, it was simply assumed that I was going to work. In 1987, I was hired by Digital Equipment Corporation as a full-time secretary. Working in the computer technology business was a good time for me. I enjoyed the dynamics of my job and the people. In 1995, after the birth of my second daughter, I decided to stay home and be a full-time mom. I realized that by leaving my job and a great salary, I would never get that chance back without a college degree.

In 2008, a friend was offered a free class at a local college. She gave me the money to register for a class. In the end, I decided that the campus there was too far for me to drive to. I looked around and decided on another nearby school to begin my journey towards a college degree. After about a year, I was unsatisfied with the direction of my career choice and left. I found what I needed when I stopped at SNHU’s Nashua campus. I began asking questions. The advisor I met with was very pleasant, and we discussed my past work experiences and interests. I decided in 2011 to restart my journey in business administration.

Since 2011, I have been committed, determined and motivated. My fantastic advisors at SNHU have encouraged me and praised me along the way to be successful. Recently, I was inducted into Alpha Sigma Lambda Honor Society. I'm also very proud to let you know that my daughter, Heather, was recently accepted to SNHU for the culinary program. We are so proud of her!