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Kristina Kreitzer

MA English & Creative Writing - Fiction, Class of 2015

"What is most surprising is how easy it is to keep in touch with the teachers and how engaging they are."

Before I started this program, I was substitute teaching because I made some mistakes, along the way, in my professional teaching career where my bachelor’s and teaching certificate didn’t matter anymore. I felt utterly defeated, and knew I deserved better — that I could do better than letting all this negativity take me down. Then I thought back to that professor in community college, whose job I wanted, where he taught both English and creative writing. I love being creative, and I am a writer with many ideas and stories untold. I want to be like my professor, to have my own class, so I can portray my passion for creativity, so I engage students in conversations, so I can help them become better writers.

However, I needed my master’s in English to complete this. I made a decision back in 2013, to go back to school and take online classes, so I could work while trying to reach my goal. I was apprehensive about it because I wasn’t sure how challenging it be, and I wasn’t sure if it would be like my other online classes where it was so difficult that it felt like a chore; I had no idea to what to expect.

But SNHU surprised me and is still surprising me: the staff responds quickly to my e-mails, and my advisor is always keeping in touch, helping me out with class choices and answering any questions I have. What is most surprising is how easy it is to keep in touch with the teachers and how engaging they are, how involved they are, and this is all through a computer, of all things. I never would have expected this from online classes, and yet there it is. It’s easy to navigate, get your books, and even get stuff from the library sent to your house.

I didn’t think you could do that, and I didn’t think that something done exclusively online would make you feel like you are there, even though you may be in your bedroom in another state. The great thing about SNHU online is how understanding they are about technical issues and the flexibility, so I can work part-time while attending online classes full-time.

I have been looking for other part-time work besides substituting, but I also take care of my house where I live with my dad and my uncle, and all of us work together on cooking and keeping things in order. With my dad, he and I have been a team since my mom passed away, and while we don’t always agree, we do agree about how important it is to achieve in education. I know he’s proud of how well I am doing in school, and that I am succeeding in my classes. I think my mom would be proud of my accomplishments if she were alive today, and she would be supporting me because she always thought it was important to further one’s education.

Though she is no longer here, I feel like she’s watching over me and is probably encouraging me from the heavens. I have the support of my family who thinks it’s great that I’m continuing my education to further my dreams. I also have the support of my current boyfriend, who believes that I can achieve my goals. These goals could not be met without SNHU, where there is such a supportive staff, and that plays a huge role in my own success. When I had a technology problem my first term that impacted my grade, my professor wrote a form to fix that grade, so I passed the class. So far, all my professors are easy to work with, and there were times that I felt really challenged, but I think the challenge is only preparing me for the workforce. I can only hope that when it is all said and done, I will achieve my goals to accomplish my dream and obtain a brighter future.