Kyle Gallagher

BS Sport Management

"They really treat transfer students like family here."

"I thought I would take the first year to get settled in but I quickly learned that wasn’t going to be the case,” says Kyle Gallagher, remembering his first weeks at SNHU after transferring from Community College of Rhode Island (CCRI). “Right away I was asked to be a transfer student representative and before the semester ended I was elected to student government. I also joined the Sport Management Club and Transfer Student Club. I’ve even been the school mascot at a couple of events. I haven’t had a weekend where I haven’t had something to do."

Gallagher says that’s just the way it is at SNHU — you’re encouraged to get involved right away.

“There are so many opportunities to meet people and network and get leadership skills,” says Gallagher. “I feel like I’m at home here. I even tweet at the president all the time. He knows me by name, which is awesome.”

As for the actual transfer process, Gallagher says it was “very simple.” His admission representative, Brendan Stamm, worked with him every step of the way, beginning from when they first met at a CCRI transfer fair.

“He was always sending me emails to make sure I was on the right track and my mom was talking to him constantly. They really treat transfer students like family here.”