Lauren Adler

"The experience has not been easy, but the journey has been incredible!"

I earned my associate degree in 2002, and by 2010, I realized my credits were going to expire, and it was really time to get back to school. At the time, I was 28 and in the third year of owning my own small property management company/rental agency and decided to try one online class at SNHU toward an undergraduate degree in small business management. I fell in love with the program, enrolled as a full-time student after that first term, and went straight through until I earned my B.A. in May 2012, graduating summa cum laude. I decided if I did not go back right away, it would be another ten years before I ever went back for my master’s degree. Therefore, I enrolled in the IMBA program in September 2012, going full-time until I finished up in March 2014. The experience has not been easy, but the journey has been incredible!

The whole degree process led to a great deal of personal triumphs including completing the Tough Mudder, two half marathons, a sprint triathlon and placing in the professional class in a kettlebell sport competition. To top it off, I went on my first date with my very soon-to-be husband (this June!) the night before I started my graduate program. I continued to operate my business right through my programs until January 2014, when I took some time to finish my graduate program and now I will begin applying for corporate jobs! I plan to utilize SNHU Career to help me do this and gain the confidence to branch out into a completely different type of work than I have before, but I am confident that SNHU has given me the right tools to be ready for this challenge!