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Laurie Lovell

BS Business Admin

"SNHU made it so easy to get back into the swing of things, and the continuous support is fabulous."

Although I married at a young age, I was excited to continue my education. I worked full-time, so I attended classes at night for six years. It was going to take a while to earn my degree, but I didn’t have any school loans to worry about. In 1991, my first child, at the age of 3, experienced a complete liver failure and underwent a transplant. Family came first, and school was set aside.

Twenty-five years later, I made the decision to return to school and earn my BS in Business Administration, as my four children have grown up. This was a huge decision and one that would impact my entire family—most of all, my husband. Southern New Hampshire University made it so easy to get back into the swing of things, and the continuous support is fabulous.

The online courses are not easy. You really need to put aside fifteen hours per class per week to keep up with the deadlines. I am not a fast learner. I am the type of student that received an “A” for effort and studied hard. I have been doing surprisingly well in my undergraduate program. Perhaps, the life experiences I have gained have helped me excel in my classes. This time, my level of commitment and need to finish are also driving forces.

My father didn’t get his master's degree until late in life, and I really admired his self-discipline. My husband is a very intelligent man, and I am so grateful to have him as a tutor when I need help. My children are also proud of me, and I want to show them how important it is to not give up. Success is more than a degree; it is a life achievement.