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Leslie Lewis

MS Organizational Leadership

"SNHU made my leap back into higher education attainable."

I was 20 years old and wanted to see the world. College could wait. And it did. For 17 years, I worked, got married and raised a family. College waited. And waited.

One summer day, I found myself at the kitchen table of my grandmother. She was in the final days of her life, and I was privileged enough to be there to care for her in the ways she had always cared for me. I was 36 years old by then and my college transcript was pretty bare. We sat there with a cup of coffee and talked about everything and in the middle of it all, she asked me to make her a promise. The promise was that I would continue my education and on the path to my dreams and future.

Once I was home and the grief was more bearable, I began looking into colleges. I went to a few and spoke with admission. However, when I went to a meeting at SNHU, everything clicked. I began my studies online in the pursuit of that long-awaited bachelor’s degree.

SNHU made my leap back into higher education attainable through distance education courses. I was still able to make my kids after-school activities, be home when one fell ill, and generally work on my dreams from the comfort of home. My educational success started the day I logged into Blackboard and introduced myself. I remember the day because of the promise I made to Grandma—and really—the one I made to myself.