Lina Mancini

MS Finance, Class of 2016

"I have faith that SNHU can help any student accomplish what they’ve always dreamed."

Here is how I became an online student at SNHU. In August of 2012, I had a brain tumor removed. I spent three weeks in the hospital, and only a short 10 weeks recovering. Although I looked fine on the outside, I was still having comprehension complications, and spent my days going to physical, occupational and speech therapy. Finally, I had recovered physically and mentally. But after missing the fall semester at my then school, I also decided to take off the spring, so I could get more focused and back into a routine with my son, and work. Being a single mother, working an average of 50 hours a week, and not even a year out from surgery, I decided online school could be right for me.

I was watching television one day and saw SNHU's commercial. Anxious and a little hesitant, since I didn't care for any of the schools I'd already researched, I looked them up. I was very impressed! I enrolled and started my journey as an SNHU student. When I went to campus, I was a C-average student. But since I've been a student with SNHU online, and can work at my own pace, I have received an A in every class thus far. And I plan to keep that up.

SNHU is amazing. The faculty is awesome, whether it's the advisors, professors, Student Financial Services, technical support. Everyone always asks me what school I attend, and I proudly tell them, Southern New Hampshire University. I never thought online school would be for me, but my experience has been nothing but amazing. I will be driving to New Hampshire, from Ohio, to walk at graduation. I recommend this school to anyone who's considering school, but says they don't have enough time. I have faith that SNHU can help any student accomplish what they've always dreamed.