Lindsay Hitchcock

BA Creative Writing & English - Fiction

"Follow your passion. We all have something we are great at."

Follow your passion. We all have something we are great at, so find those desires that exist in your heart and pursue them at a higher level! Do this and you will be living your passions for the rest of your life! You are more likely to succeed if you love what you do.

Make school your priority. Depending on the particulars in your life, try your best to make school one of your top priorities. If possible, make it your #1! Tell your family and friends that you are finally following your dreams and you will need their support when it comes to not having a lot of extra time anymore. They should understand and be happy for you.

Know that you are part of something great. Did you know that only 34% of Americans hold college degrees? With dedication and hard work, one day that percentage will include you! You are earning your way into “the little club” that is higher education. Keep this in mind to keep yourself going, term after term. Also, remember, once you have your degree, it is yours forever. No one can ever take that from you, and you will continue benefiting from it for life!