Lizzette Tarver

MBA Marketing, Class of 2015

"I believe that I have been blessed to learn alongside some amazing peer groups, as well as professors."

I came to SNHU as a professional who has always desired to complete my education by attaining a graduate degree. Thus far, I have found a love for learning, passion for excellence in all that I do, and admiration for that which cannot always be learned within the pages of a book. Both my advisors, Kelsey Condron and Katie Kippen, have been absolutely fantastic, and have given me much guidance throughout my journey at SNHU. I am most appreciative of all of my professors and the constructive feedback I have received thus far, as it has strengthened me as a student, professional and a human being. One of my long-term goals is to become a senior leader in marketing operations, and an ambassador for Community Investments, as I have found that I truly have a heart of service. Throughout my life, I have met with struggles and challenges. However, I have found that all of these trials have assisted me in wanting to be better and do what is right, despite the fact that I certainly do not always get it right. As a young African American girl who grew up in city housing in New York City, and was raised by a single mother who worked multiple jobs to afford me great opportunities in life, I sit here today asking how I can tell others that anything is possible if only you do not give up or fall victim to what others may deem impossible.

My story may not be profound or very different from many, but it is a story of a young girl who beat some odds and who is readily available to challenge herself to beat a few more on my journey to pursue and accomplish all that I desire in life. As an adult learner in both my undergraduate education at New York University—an AAS in 1999 and a BA in 2001—and as a graduate student at SNHU, I believe that I have been blessed to learn alongside some amazing peer groups, as well as professors. I do not take for granted any course, professor, advisor or student relationship that I have had, as this has assisted in shaping me to be a well-rounded individual with burgeoning talents and aspirations. Over the past few years, I have had the opportunity to find my niche in my love of the marketing world, as well as embraced my joy of writing about almost any topic. At the same time, I have learned that some subject matters that I found most challenging to be most informative, and my eyes have once again been opened to the possibilities that exist if only we give it a go. As someone who loves to learn, I decided to go back to school for my own personal growth, and to better position myself in the corporate arena. However, this journey has set forth a fire in my belly to push forward and recognize that greatness is not limited to perfectionism, but instead, contingent upon my ability to be the best human being possible in all circumstances - even if that means I will not be popular nor win an award.

I consider myself to be a steward as it relates to social responsibility, and have tasked myself with ensuring I do my part within my community to make a difference and help others dream big. My mother had me at 40 years of age and sacrificed much to afford me a better life, and to arm me with the tools that would assist me in achieving all that I set out to do. I lost my mom two days before my birthday in 2004, and in her memory, I am very proud to continue a legacy of a strong woman who never lets anything or anyone get in her way, and makes the best out of even the most impossible of situations. The book of my life, although filled with many chapters, including: successes, educational accomplishments and some sorrow and pain, is still a writing in progress. However, now more than ever I know that with every turn of the page, the reader will quickly learn that a cover can speak in volumes, but the only true judge who can make or break the conclusion is the editor-in-chief. And that would be Lizzette Tarver. In life, I have learned it is not always what you do, but how you do it. SNHU has opened my eyes once again to the limitless possibilities that stand in the winds. And it is my life’s mission to never give up, and to let the dark horse come out of the shadows into the light where one can celebrate the many blessings that have been put before me, with a fond appreciation for all that have come forward to guide me along the way.