Lu Mei Ng

"I wanted to get a head start on my career."

A research assignment evolved into an executive-level career for Lu Mei Ng ‘03 and ‘05.

Mei researched Wildflower Linens, a specialty linen rentals company in California, for one of her M.B.A. classes. The owner provided a close look at the company’s operations and finances, and she was fascinated.

After receiving her M.B.A., Mei, who had also earned her bachelor’s degree in hospitality administration at the university, moved to California to find a job in the bustling hospitality industry there. She met up with the Wildflower Linens owner again and was hired in July 2005 as an administrative assistant.

“My position just grew from there,” she said. “It gave me the potential to show what I could do.”

Today Mei is the company’s vice president. She manages the company’s operations, sales, marketing and finances. The company services 40 to 50 events a week and has shipped linens as far away as Greece, the United Arab Emirates and Ireland. Mei has worked on a list of high-profile events that include the Grammy Awards, the Oscars, high-end weddings and fundraisers, galas and balls.

“What SNHU has offered me, first of all, was the experience,” she said. “The M.B.A. helped me in the management area. That allows me to understand both -- from the person doing the task to the person managing the business.”