Marcia Vega

MA English & Creative Writing - Fiction, Class of 2015

"The advisors here met each of my needs and have far surpassed my expectations."

Early in life, I learned that not everything is handed to you. If you wanted something, you had to work hard because no one was going to just give it to you. I have watched family members sink into drug and alcohol abuse because they just gave up. I have been beat down, on countless occasions, because of the poverty I lived in. I watched as my high school classmates went off to college, while I was left behind to raise my first child. I became a statistic, a number in the eyes of society.

One day, eight years later, I was given an opportunity. Someone saw something in me that made them believe I was worth helping. With newfound determination and drive, I joined the United States Air Force. Three years into my service commitment one of the people I was working with started taking college classes. She wanted me to take a class with her. I told her I have been out of high school too long to even think of going back. She pushed and pushed until I finally gave in. Now nine years later I am working on my third degree.

For years, I have pushed through the hard times and celebrated the good times with my fellow airmen, all the while, seeking ways to better myself to ensure I was the best at what I do. I have spent countless hours, crouched over textbooks and computer screens, class after class, no matter my location. From Germany to Iraq, from Georgia to South Korea, education has been on the forefront of my mind. This led me to SNHU when researching graduate school. I wanted the best school possible to give me the skills I need to continue on with my aspirations in writing.

The MA in English program and the advisors here met each of my needs and have far surpassed my expectations. As I look forward to the future, I see brightness lighting my path, enabling me to continue onward and upward to reaching my goals thanks to those who have encouraged me to press on.