Mark Williams

BS Computer Information Technology

"SNHU helped me structure a degree program that has been ideal for me."

At first, college didn’t seem like a fit for Mark Williams. Though he took college courses for a year after graduating from high school in Salem, N.H., in 2000, he was uninspired and dropped out to take a job as an operations manager with a construction company.

Though he'd never had formal training in computer technology, he had a "flair" for computers. He later took a position as a networking specialist at Airgas, Inc., the largest U.S. distributor of industrial, medical, and specialty gases and related products, such as welding supplies.

"I had been into computers ever since I was an adolescent," he says.

In 2009, he decided to return to college and earn his degree in order to advance his career. Key to that decision was the ability to take classes online at SNHU.

"It's ideal for me, since I not only have a full-time job, but often have to travel for the company," says Mark, who is working on a bachelor's degree in computer information technology. "Even if I'm on the road, it's easy to log in with my laptop and remain current with my classes."

The student participation involved with online classes also is an advantage, Mark says.

"Professors carefully observe posts online during classes," he says. "I've found that it really helps me to stay focused on the class work."

Williams says he considered many different schools and settled on SNHU after a co-worker recommended it.

"My research showed it was one of the better-established online programs available," he says. "SNHU helped me structure a degree program that has been ideal for me."