Marquita Riley

BA Psychology - Child & Adolescent Development

"I am now in my second term at SNHU, and I can absolutely say I love it."

Before attending SNHU, I had been bouncing around from one school to another. I graduated high school in June 2003 and attended a community college in spring 2004, but for only one semester. I felt like college was not right for me. At that time, I had a two-year-old daughter and wanted to be able to provide for her without the help of my parents. I went out and obtained a full-time job. Then, in February 2007, I attended and graduated from a vocational school for office support specialist. I was able to find work as a call center representative for the next two years. I then started a temp job in January 2010, working as an office clerk for the next six months, then started in a medical assistant school in September 2010, but for only three months. In March 2011, I had my second daughter. Within the past year—up until now—I have started school and a new line of work. I am a childcare provider in my home. I take care of two children on top of having my own children: ages twelve and two, my 5-year-old niece who lives with me, along with her mother and my three-year-old godson, who also lives with me along with his mother. I am very busy throughout most of the day, and since I started SNHU, I have to spend most of my nights doing work. Running around after a one, two and three-year-old is beyond stressful. There is never quiet time in my house until they take naps in the day, and when they go to bed at night. I am now in my second term at SNHU, and I can absolutely say I love it. My advisor, my mother and my daughter are my biggest motivators. From one dead-end job to another, and from one school to another, I am glad to be a student at Southern New Hampshire University.