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Maryoi Collier

BA History, Class of 2014

"I see a degree as the way to change the world for the better."

Twenty-two years ago, I was two classes away from a degree in history and education from a local university, but like many of my peers at the time, I was full of energy and dreams of changing the world. I had started working for a tree company climbing trees and a book company publishing books, and these experiences lead me to think that I could do whatever I set my mind to do. I left school without a degree to go build a business. I felt like J.P. Morgan, or even our own SNHU President Paul J. LeBlanc.

Now, I’ve realized that success is far more complicated than I thought and requires more than just lofty intentions. Life has taken me through divorce, jail, bad credit, self-medication and all sorts of sideways and byways.

Finally, here I am now, trying again for a BA in History at SNHU. This time I see a degree as the way to change the world for the better. I know that I don't need to invent anything new, just magnify the best of what others have already worked for. The foundations of truth already established will work.