Megan Collins

AS Business Administration

"My academic advisor has been totally amazing! She made me excited about being back in school!"

I was a single mother when I graduated from high school, and didn't have time for the traditional sit-down college. I decided to find a job and put school off for a while. Later on, I met my husband of now six years, who was in college earning his teaching degree at the time. Three children later, and here we are with four kids on a teaching salary and my job in banking. I am not one that likes to wake up and go to work 9-5 every day; as a matter of fact, if I could be a stay-at-home mom, I would do that in a heartbeat! So thus, to help with the bills I work. My husband has started his journey to get his master's degree in teaching to become a principal. This inspired me to go back to school and earn a degree to further my education so I can work my way up in my current business or make my dreams of owning my own business a reality!

I started researching schools and in the past, I did try another online school that was very complicated and wasn't user-friendly. While searching, I came across some reviews for online colleges. SNHU had the best reviews out of every school on that list! Once enrolled, my academic advisor Ann O'Reilly has been totally amazing! She made me excited about being back in school, and she truly did care - it wasn't something you read from a script - she was very genuine! After Ann, my advisor now is Christine Nesheim; she is truly amazing as well. When I was strapped for money, she found a way to help me get money for my books! This university has just been wonderful, even during Blackboard outages, SNHU keeps you updated, and our assignments are extended until the next day! I feel like I made the best choice for an online college!