Melinda McGraner

BA English Language & Literature

"SNHU was the only institution that could give me everything I needed and more."

Hi, my name is Melinda. I come from a large family where I was taught from a young age the wonders of reading. I would spend hours upon hours diving into the worlds of fanciful characters and epic tales, wishing to become part of those stories. At times, I would imagine myself to be the damsel in distress. Other times, I would be the heroine. However, more and more often I found that I would imagine myself to be the narrator, the storyteller of these imaginative novels. It was this that fueled the passion that I now have for the written word. My main goal in life is to one day be a published author. I have been developing a story since I was fourteen and have hopes that one day I will be able to publish it as a three-book series. It is this dream that brought me to the “virtual doorstep” of SNHU.

I had searched many institutions for a degree that would be useful to me in the business realm, where I currently work, and that would also give me the desired knowledge, experience and guidance I need in order to one day become an official author. SNHU was the only institution that could give me everything I needed and more. The academic advisors that I have worked with have been wonderful, working with me through struggles and giving me the best options they had available. With so many open lines of communication with advisors, teachers and even tech support, I have found that even though the courses are challenging, I enjoy working with this institute far more than any other I have worked with in the past. Even though, as an online student I am alone, I still feel like I am part of the institute and that the work I do is actually purposeful and will one day lead me to my goal. I look forward to finishing my English language and literature degree in the summer or fall of 2016. And should my life, career and family situations dictate that I am able to, I do see myself returning to SNHU to gain my master’s in creative writing, to once again further my dream of being an author. Thank you all, who have worked with me so far. I looked forward to our continued collaboration over the next few years.