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Meral Daniel

BA Psychology - Forensic Psychology, Class of 2014

"I thank SNHU for having given me such a great opportunity to excel and shine beyond my dreams."

The journey I had to go through, to come where I am today is a very interesting one indeed. Along the way, I have faced many challenges, but I learned never to yield to what other people might refer to as 'impossible' or 'hard'. The end of year 2011 was a life-changing time. I had just turned 48, had been separated from my husband who had been a great contributor in a very difficult marriage, and I had lost my job. I realized that I had to do something, to take control and turn everything negative into something positive. One day when I was talking to a recruiter, in the hopes of finding suitable employment, the recruiter advised me to go back to school and connected me with an admission advisor at SNHU. I was very reluctant at first; I didn't know how I could afford to go to school, or what I would really want to study, but the more I talked to the advisor, the more I felt that it was the best thing I could do.

In January 2012, I started at SNHU as an online undergraduate student. Many people around me made fun of me, saying why would I go back to school at my age? I didn't listen to any of them. I just pushed forward.

My first semester at SNHU, I felt so energetic and so full of enthusiasm, but I did have doubts as to how well I would do. Once my grades started showing up with A's in assignments and papers, I felt over the moon and understood that I could really do this and succeed. After I finished my first semester, I made it my life's mission to only get A's because after so many negative things in my recent life, I wanted to maintain the most positive entity, namely school—SNHU.

During my 2nd semester, I realized how my brain welcomed all the knowledge I was acquiring through the fabulous teachers at SNHU. From then on, I became addicted to each and every class I started taking at SNHU. During my 3rd semester, I decided that I wanted to study law. If I could do that, then I surely could follow a lifelong dream and become a lawyer. My advisors were so encouraging and always available when I doubted myself.

Throughout my years at SNHU, I acquired new employment and lost it, got terribly sick, and almost became homeless, but SNHU was the only steady force that pulled (and continues to pull) me through any hardship. My studies were the only driving force in my life. For a while, they gave me encouragement and pride, no matter how many times I fell, no matter what hardship I faced. I kept at it, diligently, unyielding in the face of adversity. I just concentrated on my schoolwork, and it paid off and continues to pay off.

Today, at my age, I am an honor student, have been accepted to join multiple national and international honor societies, and I am putting in applications to law schools with the knowledge that I will get a scholarship to pursue my education. One should never yield to things one deems impossible—no matter what obstacles are thrown to one's way. One should persevere, no matter what because, at the end, success is waiting. I thank SNHU for having given me such a great opportunity to excel and shine beyond my dreams.