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Meshia Wright

MS Psychology - Industrial-Organizational Psych., Class of 2015

"I'm more than confident they'll help me to obtain my master’s degree."

I was in a master’s program at another school, and I felt like it was going to take me forever to complete it—more than two years. Between work and all my other activities, I could only take one class per semester. I wanted to leave and go online, but I thought it was too late. By the grace of God I found this school, and it wasn't too late.

I was in my first semester and three weeks away from completing the semester, when tragedy happened. Out of nowhere, I suffered from having a stroke. At first I didn’t know what was going on, so I continued with school. It was just a TIA (or so I thought), so even in the hospital I was doing my assignments. Then it turned into a full-blown stroke. I couldn't do anything; I didn't have the energy to. I could barely even speak, let alone type to do my assignments. I found that I could type a little bit, after a while, and contacted my adviser, Michelle Harmon, to discuss getting an extension because I didn't want to just drop out, not with only having three weeks left.

My understanding teachers, Dr. Pfeiffer and Dr. Harris, offered me an extension. After extensive rehab, and my extension on assignments, I was finally able to complete both classes with good grades. Although, I'm still going through the process and I'm not able to drive or go to work, I'm able to type okay enough to continue with school. It's been almost six months, and the school has done a lot to help me. I am very grateful for the opportunity to continue going to SNHU. I'm more than confident to know they'll help me to obtain my master’s degree.