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Michael Doyle

BA History - Military History

"Going to SNHU has been a pleasure—I really feel I have flourished."

For the longest time, I struggled in school due to having Tourette’s Syndrome. This made it so I was unable to attend classes in junior and senior high school properly. When I graduated, I did not know if I would be able to go to college and, if I did, it would certainly not be in the same way as my friends went to college. I became very depressed that I would be held back from my full potential.

One day I was watching television and an ad for Southern New Hampshire University came on. I saw they offered online courses and also had a campus. I did some research and found that SNHU offered exactly what I wanted in an education: a BA in Military History. SNHU has proven to be a very good school, with an excellent curriculum. I am getting a quality education and in the way it works best for me. Going to SNHU has been a pleasure—I really feel I have flourished.