Michael Leathers

"SNHU has academic advisors with military experience. That’s extremely helpful, because these folks know what it's like."

I joined the military right out of high school. After almost 20 years in the service, my military career is coming to an end. I want to continue serving my country in law enforcement, so getting a college education would help out with opportunities for employment.

Before enrolling at Southern New Hampshire University, the biggest excuse I had for not earning my degree was that I didn’t have the time and that I could possibly be deployed or relocated. I was worried that I would have to transfer all of my credits to a different college if I ended up moving. So it was important that I could attend school from wherever I was stationed. Cost was a factor for me to consider as well. I had to consider the tuition costs and if they would accept tuition assistance from the military.

I chose SNHU because they offered the online degree I wanted and the flexibility and affordability I needed as a father and an active-duty servicemember. With online courses, I can log in to my classes from wherever I am, whether it's late at night, early Sunday morning or in between all of the day’s events. I can get my daughter off to school functions or track meets and still find time to log in and to do my studies.

What I really loved was that SNHU has academic advisers with military experience. That’s extremely helpful for servicemembers looking into going back to school because these folks know what it's like. They know that we face deployments. They know that we may have to move every few years. They're always very willing to help you with whatever situation that you may be in.

It’s important to me that my daughter sees me working hard for success, so that when she's a young working professional, she’ll understand that hard work does pays off.