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Michael Reeser

BA Psychology, Class of 2014

"SNHU has helped me every step of the way. . . their military advisors are the best."

I have been in the United States Marine Corps for the last six years. The Marines have taken me all over the world. My most recent tour was to Afghanistan for OEF from 2011 to 2012. I started my education back in 2004 at a technical school, where I achieved my associate degree in business. After graduation, I went to work at a juvenile treatment facility where I have been ever since.

Shortly after starting at the treatment facility, I knew I had to go back to school. I completed a bachelor’s degree in psychology to get ahead in my field. Finding time to go back to school was very difficult due to raising a family, working full-time and being in the reserves. This is why I choose to complete my program online.

SNHU has helped me every step of the way, and has always looked out for my best interests. Additionally, their military advisors are the best. They have helped me complete all necessary paperwork for the VA without any issues.