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Michele Pasqua

BA Psychology - Child & Adolescent Development, Class of 2014

"SNHU has been wonderful, with all the support from the advisors and the professors."

In 2012, I was afflicted with a chronic nerve condition that turned my life upside-down. I experienced excruciating long-term pain, which also resulted in my inability to walk for almost seven months. During this time I had to leave my job and move home near family and for treatments. I was given the opportunity to re-evaluate my life and career choices. This period of soul-searching guided me to finding a way to use my passion of helping children. With that, I decided during my rehab I would look into accomplishing that goal by going back to school and finishing my bachelor’s degree. In March last year, I found SNHU has a great program in psychology and child development. With that, I enrolled, and I am finishing my bachelor’s degree! It is crazy to think if I didn't have this condition I wouldn't have had this epiphany. Therefore, I most likely wouldn't have found my passion, true calling and most of all, I wouldn't have gone back to school! SNHU has been wonderful, with all the support from the advisors and the professors. It has been an invaluable experience that I am so proud to have had. It’s important for me to feel passionate about what I do, and this degree allows me to do just that.