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Michelle Arana

MA English & Creative Writing - Fiction, Class of 2015

"I am very thankful that my career is taking off before I have even graduated. I owe it all to SNHU."

I have been writing since I was 12 years old, and have always wanted to be an author someday. I would read books all the time, and when I was 12, I even started writing "my story." I had a few poems published in a hardcover book when I was 12, and then I got caught up with school and sports. I started writing letters to my classmates and gave them advice on everyday life issues. After high school, I pitched my advice writing to a local paper and started an advice column that I have been writing for over six years now. After high school, I attended a traditional campus university, which was not for me. I ended up taking random classes, here and there, after that.

I got my associate degree and then my bachelor's degree, and realized I wanted to pursue my passion in writing. I had a really hard time finding an online graduate school that offered an English/creative writing program. Thankfully, I found SNHU and applied right away for the MAECW-Fiction program. Since I work full-time, I have just been doing one class. Nine months after I started my program, I was given an incredible opportunity to work for SNHU. I am now an admission counselor for the undergraduate level and absolutely love my job helping others achieve their dreams too.

I have five more classes left to take for my MAECW degree, and have recently decided to double master and also get my degree in English as well. I will have two master's degrees by September 2015. I just submitted a book proposal, so I might be having my first book published around the same time I am graduating. There may be a lot going on right now, but I am very thankful that my career is taking off before I have even graduated. I owe it all to SNHU.