Michelle Kozak

BA Psychology - Forensic Psychology, Class of 2016

"Taking classes online is definitely more convenient, but it is certainly not easy."

I am a single mother. I have been for over twenty years. I tried to go to college a couple different times, but I was not successful in completing my studies. I found it difficult to make ends meet, so I left college to go to work. I still had a hard time making ends meet and knew I needed to be in college, so I tried to balance work, school, and home but, again, gave up on school. I managed to get my CNA license, so I was at least able to make more than minimum wage, but it was still a struggle.

Three years ago, I got hurt at my job. I have had multiple surgeries and other procedures along with physical therapy over the last three years. Obviously, with this injury I was spending a lot of time sitting at home doing nothing, so I thought it was finally the perfect time to get back into school and do something that not only I could be proud of, but also that my kids could be proud of.

So, for the last year and a half, I have been attending SNHU Online and earning my credits toward my double major of forensic psychology and criminal justice. I hear people say all the time that taking classes online is easy and it is not a real education. I guess they have never tried online classes before because you actually have to put in the work to get the good grades. You have to force yourself to have the discipline, and you have to be committed to your education. Taking classes online is definitely more convenient, but it is certainly not easy.

I credit SNHU for helping me find my drive. Everyone that I have had contact with has made this the most amazing experience. Without SNHU, this last year and a half would have been so daunting. I have more drive and more focus than I think that I have ever had.