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Michelle Olmedo

BA Graphic Design & Media Arts, Class of 2018

"SNHU provides every tool possible to help you succeed."

I was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. Coming from a low-income family made attending college in such a big city seem impossible. As I got older, I was motivated to use every skill I had to become successful. By the time I turned nineteen I had already gained knowledge on producing music, and performing on stage. I had the opportunity to intern at many major Los Angeles recording studios.

As I continued to get older, my drive to be someone has only strengthened. I realized I had to find a way to attend college, in order to continue being successful with my graphic marketing skills. That’s when I found SNHU. Thanks to SNHU’s affordability, I’ve been able to begin the college journey I always wanted. I cannot express how perfect it feels to be part of such a great, accredited school. SNHU provides every tool possible to help you succeed academically. Not once have I ever felt left out in an online course. The courses are well designed, and are just as challenging as if you were attending on campus. I’m looking forward to achieving my BA in Graphic Design!