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Mira Lee

BS Business Admin. - Human Resources Mgmt., Class of 2018

"Everyone at SNHU is unbelievably supportive, and you always feel that everyone from the staff to classmates are pulling for you to succeed."

There is many reasons to attend college. For me, I wanted a better job so I could provide security for my family. But the most important reason for me was to be an example for my teenage son. I was working two dead-end jobs when I enrolled at SNHU. At 35 years old with only a GED, I was losing good jobs to younger people with college degrees. The only way I was going to have an edge was to have a degree combined with my experience.

I started out enrolled in the associate program for business administration. A couple of weeks into my first term, I changed to a bachelor’s program in business administration with a concentration in human resources management. My advisor walked me through the process and made it so easy! In fact, she has been an amazing support since day one! For that matter, everyone at SNHU is unbelievably supportive, and you always feel that everyone from the staff to classmates is pulling for you to succeed. It is such a wonderful feeling!

As for being an example for my son? It is working. He has gone from failing every class to making achievement roll twice this year. He is talking about going to MIT for a degree in biomedical engineering. Many days he reads my material along with me and we have a great time discussing it and sharing ideas. He was so excited when “he” was able to tell “me” how to format a paper! But the best part for me was the day he gave me a great big hug and told me he was so proud of me for doing this. He said he knew if I could do it, so could he. On days I struggle and just want to give up, I remember that and it helps me push through. Not only for myself, but also for my son, I will succeed.

If I could give someone looking to start college any advice, it would be this: no matter how old you are, how long you've been out of school, and how much you think you can't do it, you can! You can be successful, and everyone at SNHU will go above and beyond to help get you there. Not only will you receive a solid education, you will gain self-confidence and pride. As for me, I am so proud to be a student here, and I know I will get where I want to be.