Misty Kjellman

BA Psychology, Class of 2014

"SNHU was the one thing I could always count on to be there, and it enriched my life when nothing else could."

Like most high school graduates, I jumped right into college courses immediately following my 12th grade year. And again, like most high school students, I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do with my life. I ended up taking early childhood education courses at the local technical college. I promptly dropped out one semester later and joined the [retail] workforce. I had no plan for my life for many years following this and managed to float through over ten jobs in five years.

I finally decided enough was enough and said it was time to go back to school. I was, conveniently, 24 years old, so I no longer needed to add my parents to the FAFSA information. I was granted numerous grants and scholarships (and, to my future-bank accounts dismay, student loans) and started on a course to receiving my degree in information technology at the same local technical college I had attempted to attend previously. I promptly dropped out after one semester and rejoined the workforce except this time I was in an office setting. That summer, my boyfriend (now husband), and I found out that we were expecting a baby girl, due to be born the following February.

I continued at my office job until I was placed on bed rest by my physician. Bed rest was very boring. I could only play so many video games, watch so many movies, read so many books before I started to feel like my mind was turning to mush. One day I saw an advertisement for another online university and spontaneously and foolishly applied and “was accepted.” I attended that online university through the end of my pregnancy and during her first few months and through the middle of her second year. This is when my brother graduated with his MFA from Southern New Hampshire University. I was so proud of him and was able to go to the campus and look around. I was so impressed that I went home, dropped out of my former university, and applied for SNHU Online. I was accepted, and I started my class less than three weeks later.

A year after I started SNHU Online, my husband and I found out that not only were we expecting again, but this time it was twin boys! I stayed in school through that entire pregnancy as well (even doing homework in my hospital room!) and now, with three-and-a-half month-old twin boys (and a three-year-old girl!) I am less than two terms away from (finally) reaching my B.A. in Psychology. Two months after I obtain my degree, I will be 29 years old; ten years older than I was when I began trying to get my college education. I have moved, dated, married, divorced, and married again, had three children and many, many other life events. School was always so wild for me, and it was never something I could count on. SNHU was the one thing I could always count on to be there, and it enriched my life when nothing else could. Being a student and continuing to learn are how I distinguish myself from my “mom” persona that I live every day. I could not have succeeded without SNHU Online, and I will miss it.