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Monica Pegram

BA English Language & Literature, Class of 2014

"My academic advisor has been as much an inspiration to me as my family."

I have struggled a great deal to get to where I am today. When I graduated from high school, I was forced to skip my first semester of college because I did not receive any financial aid money. Determined that I would go to school the second semester, I sold the car my grandparents bought me for my 16th birthday in order to pay my tuition. Each semester I struggled for tuition money, but my determination and willingness to learn helped motivate me. My parents and grandparents helped me whenever they could, and two years later, I graduated with my Associate of Arts.

I always knew I wanted to continue my education after receiving my associate degree, but I never dreamed I would be going to a university that catered to my educational needs and major. During my time at SNHU, I have discovered a great deal about myself; namely, that I can endure much more pressure than I thought was humanly possible. Also, I have learned that this journey would not have been possible without the encouragement of my family and friends. My mom has been my sole inspiration for pressing on all these years; she is my rock, and I hers. We depend on each other for everything, and I hope that I make her as proud as she makes me everyday. My sister is my drive. She reminds me that everyone has a different path in life to pursue, and encourages me in my education. My dad and stepmom encourage me to pursue my dreams no matter what they are, even if that means working a job that will correlate with a humble lifestyle. I hope my young siblings will see that college is important, and that despite all the hard work, it is definitely worth it.

My best friend, who is also a student at SNHU, has been invaluable throughout my time here. Not only did she help me study, she has pulled all-nighters with me before exams to make sure I was ready. My academic advisor, Lisa Ginn, has been as much an inspiration to me as my family. She has been there when I have needed help with Blackboard, when I've lost family members and was not sure what to do about classes, when I was sick and in the hospital and when I became overwhelmed in a math class. There are no words to express how much I appreciate her and all the help she has given me. My family and friends have done nothing but encourage and inspire me, and I want so much to show them that I have made it to the end. I hope Lisa knows how wonderful she is to me and other students.