Mony Chim

BS Accounting Finance, Class of 2016

"Without SNHU and all of the helpful faculty, I wouldn't be able to achieve this goal!"

My story started seven years ago when I had my son, Anthony, at the age of 18. I was not always school-oriented, and did not think about my future that much. However, it was a reality check for me when I needed to support another human being. With a strong support system from my family, as well as my fiancé, Dencis, I was able to attend school part-time and work full-time in order to provide for our son.

I knew I always liked numbers, so I decided to major in accounting. Researching and making sure things are in balance always intrigued me. When I transferred from another institution to SNHU, I was warmly welcomed by the admission office, as well as my advisors. They made me feel so comfortable and secure. I love that they always check in to make sure I am doing well.

I am currently working as a head teller at a fairly large financial institution. April is career month, and employees are encouraged to have one-on-one discussions with business partners to discover what we'd like to achieve. I have already chatted with a few people in my company, and I'd love to become an auditor one day. I found out there are training and mentoring programs that I can sign up for in order to become one. I can't wait to take this next step in my career. Without SNHU and all of the helpful faculty, I wouldn't be able to achieve this goal!