Neil Gagnon

BS Business Studies in Industrial Organizational Psychology, Class of 2017

"SNHU has been instrumental in getting me back in school and motivated to graduate."

As a young man, I was more concerned with earning a living than going to college. As the years passed I entered the business world and decided that employee training and development was a great fit for my passion and interests. After spending 13 years in the training field, I realized that I had to make school a priority not only for personal advancement, but also to protect my career.

I attempted to return to college several times at traditional schools and was forced to withdraw because my job required me to travel extensively. It was also very difficult to find a degree program locally that matched my career aspirations and interests. I truly love giving people the business knowledge that they need to be successful in their own careers.

SNHU has been instrumental in getting me back in school and motivated to graduate. I set a short term goal of obtaining an Associate's Degree in Business Administration and continuing into the bachelor of business studies with a concentration in industrial & organizational psychology. This is the perfect degree program to align with my career goals and personal interests. Today I'm the manager of training and quality for a healthcare insurance exchange. I plan to use my degree and knowledge to keep me competitive in the job market and open doors for the rest of my career.