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Nicole Allen

BA Graphic Design & Media Arts

"The advisors at SNHU made it an easy choice."

When I decided to change my major and change schools I was lost. I didn't know what school to choose. The advisors at SNHU made it an easy choice. Unlike the other schools I talked to, they were straightforward and way beyond helpful. When it came time to choose my first classes, my advisor called me and asked what classes I wanted. We talked about it, and I decided. She paused for a few seconds and said, "Okay, you’re signed up. I sent you the confirmation e-mail." To me, this was amazing. I had spent countless hours with papers spread all over the floor trying to pick classes at my old school, and prayed that when my time came to sign up it wouldn't be full.

I love my classes and this school. I work two jobs and have a very busy schedule, and it is so great knowing that if I have any questions or problems my advisor is willing to help and has the answers.